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Penelope's Pots

Welcome to Penelope's Pots. Owned and operated by me, Penni Stoddart and located in London, Ontario Canada. I specialize in hand made pottery with a particular focus on creating 1800's reproduction period pottery. Most of my work is done on a potters wheel, meaning my pottery is wheel thrown. I also have some wares that combine wheel throwing as well as hand-building or sculptural work. 

My pots are meant to be used on a daily basis. All work is made with cone 6 stoneware, a durable and strong clay, and glazed using well tested, food safe glazes. All pieces are dishwasher, microwave, oven and food safe. After much historical research the clays I use and a colour palette of glazes has been established to reflect pioneer or 1800's period pottery. I do however, have more modern glaze and underglaze colours at my disposal.

Pottery began as a hobby for me and since my other hobby is living history, specifically re-enacting the war of 1812, it made sense to combine the two which is why most of my pottery is 1800's period based. I have been selling my pottery at 1812, civil war and other history based events throughout southwestern Ontario for more than a decade now. It was always my hope to have my pots in the kitchens of historical sites throughout Canada. Parks Canada has purchased some of my products for their gift shops in the past and a few pieces made it into a documentary about Laura Secord.

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